TextMeFree Help!

More than two million people (and counting) have visited TextMeFree.com since its 'birth' in 2001. Not surprisingly some of those people have had questions... [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Firstly, TextMeFree.com is a directory of free sms sites. That means you can't send free sms at TextMeFree.com. Once you understand that, many frequently asked questions have obvious answers...


1. "Help, I can't send free text messages!"

or "How do i send free sms? How many will free sms send?"

Please note that you can't send free sms from my site, TextMeFree.com – it is just a directory of free sms sites. Instead, you use TextMeFree.com to find a free sms site that lets you send free text messages to the country you want; you then visit that site and follow the instructions you find there..

It's all explained here
- http://www.textmefree.com/how-to-use-this-site.html or here
- http://www.textmefree.com/how-send-free-sms.html or even here
- http://www.textmefree.com/faqs-how-send-sms.html

I'm sorry that this is not clearer on my site.

Yes, the free sms sites listed at TextMeFree.com are PC to mobile. Sometimes you need to register and sometimes you don't - this information should be provided in the listings!



NOTE: You CAN find a free sms site... Start looking below:

Wherever you live, there is an sms service online for you. E.g. you can send free sms text messages to: Australia, Germany, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, UK, USA, Worldwide
( Full list... )



2. "Why don't you have a free service to my country?"

I only list the free sms sites that I know about, and if there are no listings for your country, that's because I just don't know of any free sms sites there. :-(

Why not try out one of the services listed on the worldwide page, instead.
- /worldwide/


3. "I have received abusive messages (from TextMeFree.com)"

If you (or someone you know) have received abusive, or unwanted, text messages then you need to complain to the owner of the Free SMS site that was used.


4. "Help, I'm getting too many text messages and I want them to stop..."

Basically, your membership of a particular free sms service may mean that you have to receive sms 'advert' messages from them. These messages will stop if you stop being a member.

There are different ways to stop your membership - from logging in and cancelling your membership, to unsubscribing.

Please check the membership terms and conditions of the particular service.

Find more details here

5. "How do I unsubscribe from your service?"

Basically, TextMeFree does not operate any service for you to unsubscribe from!

You can unsubscribe from The TextMeFree Times easily – there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email you receive. But I will be sad! :-(


6. "How do I send free sms?"

It's all explained at www.textmefree.com/how-to.html but you just have to follow these 3 steps:

  1. DECIDE WHO you want to send free text messages to.

  2. FIND a free text messaging service for that country listed on TextMeFree.com.

  3. USE the free sms service...

NOTE: you CAN'T send free sms directly from TextMeFree.com!

TextMeFree.com is a directory of free sms sites. That's all.


7. How do I send free chat messages from my mobile?

If you have a smartphone, or mobile with either a wi-fi or internet connection you can download a mobile messaging app and send free messages to anyone else on the same system.

Some apps cost a small amount to download, but then all messaging is free anywhere in the world.

Check out our reviews of mobile messaging apps.


Final notes:

a) You will find more FAQs here