SMS Poems

What is SMS Poetry?

Simply put: it is poetry that fits inside a text message; i.e. poetry that is less than 160 characters long. Text message poems cover the same themes as ordinary poetry like love, friendship, jokes, etc. but this time your poem fits inside a standard-size sms.


We have a selections of sms poetry below. Why not message your favourites to a friend or colleague.

TEXT MESSAGES by Andrew Wilson

"A text message poem finds one truthful moment
and describes it... It's a snapshot, a digital photograph
with words, written on a mobile phone, and published
instantly by being texted."

SMS Poems by Text Messages – 160 Character SMS Poetry


TECHNOLOGY (4 text poems):

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We're not quite tuned
to each other’s English
need to read faces
so 2 make d8s
we txt not fone
written words
2 b sure we're understood.


LIFE (5 text poems):

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I buy a bar of chocolate from the machine.
Then another. Why not?
It's the best thing that's going to happen
for the next four hours.


ONE WORLD? (6 text poems):

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Made to drink whisky
in a suburban living room
my dad sings a Scottish folk song.
Strange words learnt by hearing.
Lost now. We can't carry a tune.



About SMS Poems

Text message poetry online can be good or it can be bad. That's why I contacted UK poet Andrew Wilson to ask if I could put some of his words from his poetry book Text Messages here. And do you know what, "Mr Wilson he say yes" ;-)


  1. Text Messages reprinted with the kind permission of Andrew Wilson.

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  4. Andrew's book Text Messages is available online (ISBN: 190238251X). Search for it at Amazon UK,,,, or

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