SMS Poems

What is SMS Poetry?

Simply put: it is poetry that fits inside a text message; i.e. poetry that is less than 160 characters long. Text message poems cover the same themes as ordinary poetry like love, friendship, jokes, etc. but this time your poem fits inside a standard-size sms.


We have a selections of sms poetry below. Why not message your favourites to a friend or colleague.

TEXT MESSAGES by Andrew Wilson

"A text message poem finds one truthful moment
and describes it... It's a snapshot, a digital photograph
with words, written on a mobile phone, and published
instantly by being texted."

SMS Poems by Text Messages – 160 Character SMS Poetry


TECHNOLOGY (4 text poems):

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The hum of everyone on the phone,
talking to themselves.
I'm late back,
Walkman on,
a million miles away.


LIFE (5 text poems):

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I buy a bar of chocolate from the machine.
Then another. Why not?
It's the best thing that's going to happen
for the next four hours.


ONE WORLD? (6 text poems):

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His Auntie leans on the gate,
talks about their family.
Mike translates at first.
She stops herself crying
pushing the tears off her sunburnt face.



About SMS Poems

Text message poetry online can be good or it can be bad. That's why I contacted UK poet Andrew Wilson to ask if I could put some of his words from his poetry book Text Messages here. And do you know what, "Mr Wilson he say yes" ;-)


  1. Text Messages reprinted with the kind permission of Andrew Wilson.

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  4. Andrew's book Text Messages is available online (ISBN: 190238251X). Search for it at Amazon UK,,,, or

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