SMS Etiquette (or Text Messaging Manners)

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How to avoid SMS bad manners

I'm sure you hate getting sms spam or anonymous texts, so we try to avoid that at all costs. For this same reason we've written this page about sms etiquette or sms manners because some things are just unacceptable.

So here we go, some basic points on how to send and how not to send sms:

  • Bad manners Don't sent abusive text message, even if you've received abusive messages yourself. It's actually a criminal offense and it is possible to trace text messages, so be cool and be nice. If you receive abusive messages you can report them.
  • Don't send sms while driving - also an offense in many countries and extremely dangerous!
  • Don't send the same text over and over again. If you haven't received a reply send a different text and try to be patient.
  • If you've got something really important to say, maybe you should phone or actually arrange to meet that person. Some people have been fired by sms, or ditched by sms - not very nice really.
  • It's almost another language - that shortened code you use to text your friends - but some people don't understand all those truncated words. Try to keep in mind who you're texting and if it's your granddad or a friend from abroad try to keep things clear.
  • If you're having a drink or a meal or just spending time with someone, don't spend half that time fiddling with your mobile phone texting friends... it's rude, don't you think? Enjoy the real time you have with people and keep the texting to a minimum.
  • Make sure your meaning is clear in a text message... you may be joking, but how can the person you've just sent a text to know that? Make yourself understood by adding a smiley face or whatever symbol is relevant to your sms.
  • Check the time! Will the person you are about to send an sms to be asleep? Do they live on the other side of the world? Don't wake them in the middle of the night or you won't be their favourite person!
  • Be discreet. You can turn down the volume of your phone's message alert tone, or even put your mobile on vibrate or silent mode. Turn down the key tone volume for the key pad so you can text without annoying people nearby.
  • Be courteous. Reply to people when they send you a text, it's good to let people know that you've received their sms, and often they do need a response.


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