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Just how do you send SMS here? Well, this page answers that frequently asked question, exactly: how do I send free sms here?...


You CANNOT send free sms using TextMeFree.com...

Well, the first thing to know is that you CAN'T send free sms from TextMeFree.com.

However, you CAN FIND free sms sites using TextMeFree.com. That's because TextMeFree.com is a free sms directory and a mobile messaging app directory too :-) (And if you don't know what that smiley face means, then please check out our short sms dictionary.)


You CAN find a FREE SMS SITE using TextMeFree.com...

  1. You can either find a free sms site by navigating through TextMeFree.com using the links on the left. Start with Free SMS, then click on a continent, e.g. South Asia for India, until you eventually find a list of free sms sites for India.

  2. You can find a list of free sms countries here.

  3. Or you can use the search box above. For example if you're interested in UK text messaging sites then you would put UK in the search box, and click on SMS Search.

    Then all you have to do is visit one of the free sms sites you find listed in the search results.

  4. Or, if you have a smart phone or mobile with internet/wi-fi you can find mobile messaging apps here: Top mobile messaging apps

(Note: when you first click on the free sms site, you first get more detailed information about that site, including reviews and a thumbnail image of the service, helping you decide if the free sms site is best for you.) Then, visit the site you find, and follow the instructions you find there on how to send free sms.


What happens if your country isn't listed?

(or you can't send a free sms)? Well, it is possible that one of the worldwide free sms providers might let you send sms text messages to your country, instead. These sites claim to send messages almost anywhere. But there is no guarantee, I'm afraid.

You can learn more about how to send free sms here.

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PS Some more blurb about sending free sms. Just in case, you don't get it! ;-)


  1. Decide Who You Want To Send Free Text Messages To.
    The first thing you have to do is to find a free sms site, i.e. a website (or service) that allows you to send free sms text messages to mobile phone (cellphone) users in the country where your friend, colleague or family member lives.

    You can do this by doing a search by country name (search box is at the top of the page), e.g. search for 'Germany'. That will give you a list of services that send free text messages to Germany.

  2. Register At The Free SMS Site
    Once you've found a recommended free sms site then you may need to register in order to use the service. Some sites force you to register whilst there is no need to register at others.

    I have found that the sites where you register often provide the most reliable free sms service. Also, these free sms sites make sure that people do not send abusive text messages – they track what text messages are sent and ban people who abuse their free service.

    Registration at a free sms site should be free, and usually only requires you to enter basic information about yourself (often including a cellphone number).

  3. Format The Cellphone Number Correctly
    It is important that you format the cellphone or mobile phone number correctly. In most cases, this is usually a matter of prefixing the cellphone number with the country international dialling code. For UK numbers, for example, you remove the leading zero; e.g.

    07890-123456 becomes +447890123456

    Check what number format is required at the free sms site you are using. That's because some free sms sites require you to prefix your friend's cellphone number with this dialling code, and some do not.

    (You will find a list of international dialling codes here .)

  4. Send Your Free SMS Text Message

    Now you are ready to send a free sms text message. It's usually just a matter of filling in a form containing your message and your friend's properly formatted cellphone number. You may need to provide your own phone number too, or email address, for security reasons. And those sites that ask you to register often provide you with an address book to make it much easier to contact your friends the next time you want to send a free sms message.

  5. I've Sent My Text Message, What Next?

    What happens once you've sent your free sms text message? Well, this all depends on the free sms site you're using. Some free sms services tell you whether your message has been successfully received, some let you receive messages and some do nothing at all.

    I usually test the service first by sending myself a text message, just so I know the text messaging service works. But that's not always possible if the service only covers certain countries.

  6. How Many Free SMS Can I Send?

    So you've sent a text message to one friend and now you want to send a message to another, which begs the question: how many free sms can I send?

    Well, the short answer to that question is: it depends.

    Some free sms sites let you send unlimited sms text messages, whilst some services let you send just one free sms text message per day. Sending free sms is not actually free. It costs the service a few pennies/cents for each message. Some free sms services have a better business model than others. That's why many free sms sites simply stop working after a few months.

    Anyway, how many free sms you can send is usually explained at the free sms site you're using.

  7. One Last Thing: Points To Note

    Sending free sms online means sending PC to mobile sms and not mobile to mobile (or cellphone to cellphone) sms; i.e. you type your message at your computer and they receive the message on their phone.

    Make sure that your friend's phone can accept sms text messages.

    Make sure it's free for your friend to receive text messages. Yes, some cellphone operators charge their customers for receiving sms messages.

    Make sure that the free sms service you're using doesn't charge people to receive the text messages (yes, this happens too).

    If you can't find a suitable free sms site to the country you need, then try one of the free sms services that claim to be able to send free text messages to cellphone users: worldwide free sms services.

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