FAQs: How to Create SMS

Just how do you create SMS messages? Well, this page answers that frequently asked question, exactly: how do I create sms messages here?...


Well, this question is answered here, really – how to send free sms – but, basically:

  1. You can't send free sms from TextMeFree.com. TextMeFree.com is a directory of free sms sites, so it helps you find a free sms service for your country.

  2. Find a free sms website listed at TextMeFree.com - e.g. SMScity (worldwide) or Atrochatro.com (India) or a service for the United States or Pakistan, etc. (there's a full list of countries here!).

    Then read the review of that service and if you want to use it to send free sms, click the link to go to that website and follow the instructions that you find there on how to send free sms.

    Instructions usually mean entering your friend's cellphone number and maybe your number and then typing the message. (Some services you have to register with and some you don't. Services where you register are usually better).

    Note: some services require that you register using your own mobile phone, and you have to enter a code sent to your phone. Also, you sometimes have to enter a security code too, which is either emailed or sent by txt, before you can send a message.

There's more help on these pages:

If you understand, then here's a random sms text message you might like to send your friend:

" " :-O


And here's a text message joke you might like to send:

"I like you. You remind me of when I was young and stupid." ;-)

Find more sms jokes here.


And you might also like to check out our sms poems page (containing text message poems written by a real live poet!)


How to use mobile messaging apps

  • First of all read our reviews of the most popular mobile messaging apps.

  • Then choose one of the apps you like the sound of, and most importantly, one that works on your mobile phone. Some message apps like Nimbuzz work on all smart phones, but others only function on one platform, such as on BlackBerry.

  • Follow the link we provide to the app website where you can download the app and start free messaging.

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