FAQs: Can't Send SMS

Why can't I send free text messages, online? Well, this page answers that frequently asked question...

I'm sorry that you're having difficulty sending free text messages using TextMeFree, but it's very straight forward once you know how.

However, please note that TextMeFree.com is a directory of bulk sms and free sms sites. That means:

  • You CAN'T send free sms directly from TextMeFree.com, and

  • TextMeFree.com is NOT responsible for how a particular free sms site works. You'll have to contact the people who run that particular service (and not us) – sorry.

TextMeFree.com simply keeps an up-to-date list of free sms sites

New sites get added, and old sites get deleted. And you make comments or rate sites, and let everyone else know which the best free sms sites are. This means, through using TextMeFree.com, you can just about send a free text message to anywhere in the world, and you don't have to rely on a single free sms service.


More Help Sending Free SMS


1. So, how do you send free sms text messages at TextMeFree.com ?
(Click the link to find out!)

2. "Why don't you have a free service to my country?"...

It is possible that your country is not listed at TextMeFree.com. Sorry about that. Yes, it's possible that people (like you) are looking to send free sms to a particular country and there is no free sms site listing for that country. Quite often this includes countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE) or the Philippines or China.

Note: I only list the free sms sites that I know about, and if there are no listings for your country, that's because I just don't know of any free sms sites there. :-( .

Why not try out one of the services listed on the worldwide page, instead – https://www.textmefree.com/worldwide/

Yes, there are many free sms services that let you send free sms messages to cellphone (or mobile phone) users worldwide.

Whether these services cover countries like China, UAE or the Philippines I do not know at this time. But free sms coverage is usually explained at the free sms site concerned.


3. Worldwide Messaging

With mobile messaging apps and a mobile with wi-fi or internet access, you can send chat messages for free to anyone on the same network, anywhere in the world.

Just make sure all your friends and family have the same mobile messaging app, like Nimbuzz, and you can message the world for free.

Thank you.

I hope that has helped,

Steve M Nash
Site owner of TextMeFree.com

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