Bulk SMS (Not 'free sms')

What is Bulk SMS?

Well, let's start with what it isn't – it's not free sms! If you're looking for free sms services, you'll find plenty of free sms sites here!

But if you're looking to get your business involved with mobile marketing using mobile sms services or by sending bulk sms messages via a sms server or web sms system, then read on...

So, what is bulk sms? Basically bulk sms is sending sms to more than one mobile phone (cellphone) at the same time.

This could be sms messages sent to a group of friends, or more typically could be sms messaging sent by small and large businesses to their 'customers'. Sending bulk sms is also known as sms marketing.


SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is just the name for marketing your service or business to new and existing customers, via their cellphone or mobile phone. Right now sms marketing provides a much more responsive marketing channel, than say email marketing or more traditional forms of advertising. (Example: The UK National Lottery encourage millions to play the lottery each week simply via text message marketing!)

Cellphone use is widespread, and usage continues to increase. And mobile phones are (generally) much easier to use than computers.

SMS marketing business perspective:

  • Reverse billing
  • SMS competitions
  • SMS Polls
  • Short code numbers
  • Text for information
  • Customer loyalty
  • 2-way messaging
  • Global SMS
  • "Marketing por sms"

SMS marketing technical perspective:

  • Email to sms to email
  • Desktop SMS messaging (e.g. send text from Outlook)
  • SMS premium rate billing
  • Bulk & scheduled SMS message sending
  • HTTP Gateway
  • SMS Gateway
  • PC text messages
  • Web SMS


Mobile Marketing

This is only scratching the surface of sms advertising via internet text messages. Just know that there are many businesses and organisations taking full advantage of this marketing medium right now. Your business could, and should, be one of them.

Did you know? Clickatell is an example of a mobile marketing company that can help you send bulk sms messages.

Steve M Nash
Site Owner, TextMeFree.com