FAQs: Unsolicited or Abusive Messages

Has someone sent you an abusive sms message? Well, this page answers the frequently asked question: how do I stop receiving (abusive) text messages or even messages that I do not want to receive?...


If you have received an abusive text message then please read below to see what you can do about it.


1) "How do I stop receiving these annoying text messages (that some might call sms spam)?"

Good question. And the answer, I'm afraid, depends on where these annoying and unwanted sms are coming from.

  1. If you signed up for a service whose terms and conditions state that they will send you sms ads or even sms text messages that cost each time you receive them, then...

    – Stop using that service immediately. The service will tell you how to unsubscribe or remove yourself. It usually involves sending the word STOP or STOP ALL to the number you have for them.

  2. If your cellphone provider is simply advertising new services to you, then...

    – Ask them to stop doing so, or stop using their service altogether if this doesn't work.

  3. If you're receiving abusive messages and you don't know where they're coming from, then...

    – Please read question 2) and question 3) below.

The bottom line? There is no reason why you should be receiving sms ads on your phone unless, of course, you want to!

2) "I have received abusive messages (from TextMeFree.com)"

If you (or someone you know) ever receive abusive, or unwanted, text messages then you need to complain to the owner of the free sms site that was used.

Usually, free text messages that are sent online identify which free sms site was used. Visit that site and contact the site owner with the details of the message. I say usually, because some free sms sites allow anonymous text messaging and so you have no idea who sent you the abusive text message.

In the case of TextMeFree.com, this directory of free sms sites used to provide a free sms service that was actually operated by Fonetastic. (Messages sent via Fonetastic/TextMeFree usually included the words TextMeFree.com at the end.) But this service was operated by Fonetastic and is no longer in existance.


3) "Help, I'm getting too many text messages and I want them to stop..."

Basically, your membership of a particular free sms service may mean that you have to receive sms 'adverts' from them. These messages will stop if you stop being a member.

There are different ways to stop your membership – from logging in and cancelling your membership, to unsubscribing from the service.

I suggest that you check the membership terms and conditions of the particular service you're using.


So there you have it.

Yes, abusive situations can happen in the world of free sms text messaging but there are many things you can do to stop them occurring or reoccurring. Not least of which is to 'always read the label' first and make sure you know what you are committing to when you register for a particular free sms service.

Good free sms directories usually include information or comment / reviews about each free sms site. See what others think about the free sms site, before you register.

Please note: most free sms sites cause no harm; most just let you send free sms text messages to your friends and family. Most are fun to use, too.

The good thing about using messaging apps rather than free sms is that message app messages aren't anonamous – so if you do receive an abusive mobile message you know exactly who to complain to!

Thank you,

Steve M Nash
Site Owner of TextMeFree.com

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