Why Send Free SMS?

That's a good question… why send SMS online rather than from your mobile device? The main benefits are that it's free and it's actually easier.


Benefits of sending free SMS online


  1. Free online text messaging services not only give you free SMS to your own country, you can send free SMS to most countries in the world. That saves you a lot of money on your mobile phone bill at the end of the month.

  2. For sure, if you're already in front of your computer it's much easier to type out your text message on a keyboard rather than on your mobile's keypad.

  3. Many online services let you send more than the standard 160 characters, and in many cases you can send an unlimited number of free SMS.

  4. Some online text messaging services let you queue your texts to be sent on a future date, and you can send group messages too.

Keep in mind that online texting is not anonymous, the websites track your IP number to control spam and to stop abusive messages.

SMS iconNot all online SMS services are free, but those online services that charge are much less expensive than your mobile phone provider.

Some of these paid SMS services also have limited free services, which act as an incentive to join their paid service, and some websites can give free SMS all the time because they are sponsored by adverts or raise money in other ways.


Mobile Messaging versus SMS

The modern phenomena of mobile messaging or sending chat messages has certainly replaced a lot of SMS, but you can only use a messaging app if you have a smart phone and internet access on your mobile.

Mobile message apps usually only let you send chat messages to other users on the same system – such as Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz or Whatsapp to Whatsapp. So there are still plenty of occasions when it's great to be able to send free texts.


Why use textmefree.com to send free SMS?

There are some problems with sending free SMS online, but that's where textmefree.com can help.

  • Sometimes the free services aren't very fast and the person you are texting may have to wait to receive their text;

  • occasionally unscrupulous services don't charge you to send the text, but they do charge the receiver – usually by asking them to text a premium number in order to receive their message;

  • and quite often free SMS websites don't stay around for very long.

textmefree.com reviews (and tests where possible) all the free sms sites that we list. As well as that, all our users can leave feedback.

So, search for a free sms service for the country you want to text, read our reviews, to judge which is the best free text service to use.

And, if the service you use stops working one day, come back to textmefree.com and simply find another one.

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