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What Are SMS Text Messages?

(Note: I first wrote what follows more than 15 years ago when, erm, some people didn't know what a text message was. Okay?... )

A text message is sent using SMS (which stands Short Message Service), and is quite often the fastest way to stay in touch with friends and family. They're the messages you get on your mobile or cell phone. So, another name for text message is SMS.

Send free SMS text messages 

Where Can I Send Free Text Messages?

Last time I looked there were over 100 free sms txt messaging sites listed at TextMeFree.com . That's a lot of free SMS text messages.

That means that you can now send free text messages to almost any mobile phone in the world; absolutely free, for both sender and receiver. (See below for an explanation of how sending text messages is free!)

You can find free text messaging sites for countries like UK, US, Pakistan, Germany, etc, and free sms sites include SMSCity.nl.

Just look for free text messages sites that sends free sms to your country or to the country that you want to send an SMS to.

Sending free sms is great using a mobile phone (cellphone), but even more fun when you send text messages online. That's because you can type your text message.


How Can You Send SMS Text Messages For Free?

Free sms sites may sell advertising on their site, they may sell advertising in the sms text message you send to your friend.

A lot of free sms text messaging sites start out free, then either stop working or start to charge. That's why TextMeFree.com exists – to help you find new and up-to-date free sms services all the time.

Is Sending Free SMS Safe?

Good question. Yes, usually. It should be safe to send txt messages using a free sms site, but many people have been caught out by services like sms.ac and others. That's why you should visit TextMeFree.com regularly and read the sms site reviews written by our users.

Read this SMS guide for information about safety and free text messaging sites.

It should also be free to receive txt messages, too, but some countries have mobile services that charge their users to receive texts.


More Frequently Asked Questions

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More Text Message Stuff

Of course knowing your friend's International telephone dialling code will help you when sending free sms abroad, and knowing a few SMS shortcuts won't harm either.