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A quick look at voip services like Skype... that help you make cheap and free internet phone calls!

Let's start at the beginning and say that voip stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

That means instead of emails and web pages being transferred over the internet it's your voice (and image) that is being transferred. And that's why internet phone calls using voip telephony are a lot cheaper than making phones calls the old-fashioned way. (Sometimes calls are free, especially when you call another skype user, for example!)

Say "VOIP", think Skype

Think Ebay (the owners of skype) and you think "online auctions". Well the same goes with VOIP and Skype. And that's because Skype is one of the first voip services -- a voip service provider, you might say -- and already has millions of users.

As it says on the Skype page:

"[They simply] created a little piece of software that
makes communicating with people around the world
easy and fun. With Skype you can say hello or share
a laugh with anyone, anywhere. And if both of you
are on Skype, [the phone call is] free.

"Skype is available in 27 languages and is used in almost
every country around the world. Skype generates revenue
through its premium offerings such as making and receiving
calls to and from landline and mobile phones... and is an eBay company

(By the way, Skype lets you send free sms too to other skype users! And this is what Wikipedia say about Skype.)

Skype Packages

When you make calls to landline or mobile phones from Skype you can either pay as you go or subscribe to one of their packages. At the time of writing they have Unlimited Country, Unlimited Europe and Unlimited World. So, for example if you subscribe to Unlimited Europe, you pay a monthly subscription and can make free unlimited calls to any country in Europe. These are good deals as you know exactly what your monthly expenditure will be.

It's also possible to use Skype without a computer. You can purchase a VoIP phone directly from Skype's website that enables you to make Skype or normal landline calls.

These days you can even get Skype on your mobile (you need a compatible mobile phone), simply download the Skype mobile software from their website and start making VoIP calls and accessing cheaper rates direct when calling from your mobile phone.

More Voip Service Providers

So let's look at a few other voip solutions.

Voip Phones

Companies (like Tesco in UK) let you buy an internet phone off the shelf, together with a new phone no. It's basically a USB phone that plugs into one of your computer's USB ports. You can buy these phones online from the Skype website too.


Vonage lets you make and receive calls voip calls without a computer: https://www.vonage.co.uk/


Thanks largely to Skype, voip is changing the way that we make telephone calls. As demand for making cheap phone calls using voip (and not using your computer) increases, so will it become easier (and cheaper) to do so.

So come back soon, as I will try and keep this page about voip phone systems (internet phone services) as up-to-date as I can.



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