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textmefree.com Now Lists Mobile Messaging Apps

Chat iconIf you have a smartphone or even an iPod touch, iPad or other mobile device you can use a messaging app rather than send text messages from your phone. Message apps let you send free chat messages rather than costly sms, they're just as effective and completely free to send. Check out the mobile messaging apps that we've reviewed so far... Mobile Messaging Apps >>

2 May 2011 | by GJD

Free SMS to China

For the first time TextMeFree.com is listing a free SMS service for China. In fact, freeSMScraze.com send free text messages to several countries worldwide, but we've listed them under China because it's so rare for us to find an SMS service that operates to that country.

So please, text away and use this service to China and leave us reviews of how you rate the service – you can send unlimited free SMS with freeSMScraze.com

Read our full review here: Review of freeSMScraze.com

9 March 2011 | by GJD

New Unlimited International Free SMS

unlimitsms thumbnailOne of the latest free text messaging services to be added to TextMeFree.com is from UnLimitSMS.net. This service has been tested by TextMeFree and works very well, so let's hope it keeps going for some time.

There is a text advert appended to each SMS, but that's fair enough for an unlimited service. Our texts arrived immediately, so we have to recommend this service, which seems to have been created by a football fan as you'll see when you visit the site.

Read our full review here: Review of UnLImitSMS.net

8 February 2011 | by GJD

New design for TextMeFree.com

January 2011 has brought a new design for TextMeFree.com. We've updated the site design to show a larger page width and made the site three columns rather than two, but most of the navigation has stayed the same, so hopefully you can still find your favourite free SMS services without any problems.

This news page also has details of the latest free text messaging services to be added to the TextMeFree.com directory.

If you find any broken links or pages that just don't look right, please let us know via our contact form: contact TextMeFree.com

You'll find additional links at the bottom of every page to help you navigate, and a new Google site search to help you find free SMS services easily (top right).

As always you can leave reviews and ratings of free SMS services that you've discovered here and used, and, if you know of any great free SMS services that we don't have listed, please let us know about them.

Just to remind everyone… You can't send free SMS from TextMeFree.com itself, but you can find free text services all over the world here – we have over 270 free services currently listed. We locate and review free sms services – use the continent menu in the left-hand column to find services by continent, then by country (that's the country that you want to send free sms to). Happy FREE texting!

18 January 2011 • By GJD

Unregistered Free SMS to the UK

esemes.co.uk is an sms site that offers two services. There is a free sms service to the UK and a paid worldwide sms service. The free UK service doesn't require registration whereas the worldwide one does. The UK service works very well. Read more about esemes.co.uk >>

Worldwide Free SMS from SMS-World

Worldwide free sms serviceSMS-World give a free sms service to most countries and the service worked well when we tested it here at TextMeFree.com. You're only given 123 characters in each text, and if you're trying to have an SMS conversation it will be a bit slow with a limit of one free sms every hour. However, the delivery is good with texts arriving within a few seconds. Read the full review on SMS-World >>

Free SMS to Austrian Mobiles

Free SMS to AustriaGSMS.at is a new free SMS service that lets you send 3 free text messages every day to Austrian mobile phones. There's no registration required just send a text from this easy-to-use, one-page site. Read the full review of GSMS.at >>



Unlimited Free SMS & Free Group SMS to India

Free text message service to IndiaFreeSMS8.com is a new free SMS service to Indian mobile phones. You need to register to use the service, and give an Indian mobile phone number when you do so, but then you can send unlimited text messages and free group SMS. Read the full review of FreeSMS8 >>


South Africa Free SMS

Free SMS to South AfricaThere is a new free sms service to South African mobile phones from FSMS.co.za. You need to register and give a South African mobile phone number, then you can send free unlimited SMS with 110 characters in each message. Read the full review of FSMS >>


Free 2-way SMS to Pakistan from SMS.humm

Pakistan Free smsSMS.humm (now called UrduMaza) are giving a good free sms service to Pakistan. There are two options, one with registration and one without. The unregistered service gives 250 characters and unlimited SMS; when you register you can also receive sms, use a phonebook and send longer text messages. Read the full review of SMS.humm here >>


More Free SMS to India

Another website to bring you free texts to India – SMStau. You need to register for this one and activate your account with a code. Other than that we don't know much about this service. A TextMeFree user left a comment to say that the texts are very short in length. If you check this service out please come back and leave us a review at TextMeFree, thx. Read our full review of SMStau here >>

Pakistan free text serviceFree Texts to Pakistan Without Registration

LoOp is a new free SMS service to Pakistani mobile phones without the need to register. Only 130 characters included in each text but that's not bad for a free service, plus there's no limit on the number of texts you can send. Read our full review of LoOp here >>

Free SMS to India

FullonSMS is a new Indian service giving unlimited free text messages to India. Register to use the service, which includes sending free sms to groups. Each text can contain up to 160 characters. Read our review of FullonSMS here >>

Send free SMS to IndiaFree SMS to the UK - Unlimited and with 500 Characters

iFreeSMS have a free sms service which lets you send unlimited free text messages to United Kingdom mobile phones – you don't even have to register to use the service and each text can be up to 500 characters in length. At TextMeFree.com we tested their service and the SMS arrived in seconds. Read more about iFreeSMS here >>


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