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How To Send Free SMS

Sending free international text messages is easy with textmefree.com because we help you find the right service for each country and recommend free worldwide sms services.

Sending free sms is as simple as doing the following:

1). FIND a free sms site

Find a free sms site and follow the instructions you find there. For example: worldwide free sms sites or sms to the UK.

Find free sms sites at TextMeFree.com

TextMeFree.com – the directory of free sms sites online since 2001. Search TextMeFree.com for a free sms service by the country you want to send an sms to. That's important, you need to use a service that operates in the destination country of your text message.

You can do that by clicking on one of the continent categories in the left-hand menu. Then on the next page, choose the country.

At TextMeFree.com you'll find over 250 free sms sites listed and often reviewed too (or at least rated) by people like you, our users. The listings at TextMeFree.com tell you, for example:

International Free SMS Services

If you can't find a free sms service for your country, you can always try one of the sites listed in the Worldwide category.

So, find a free sms site that lets you text to the country you're interested in. Next, sending free sms is as simple as doing this.

2). USE that free SMS Site

Yep, visit the free sms site and follow the instructions you find there. You should be sending free sms text messages in a matter of minutes, and sometimes almost immediately. (Some sites requires that you confirm your subscription and sometimes the confirmation email takes a while to be received.)

And, lastly, sending free texting is as simple as doing this...

3). Write a REVIEW of the site back at TextMeFree.com

This step is not exactly necessary but very useful to TextMeFree.com and our users. Once you've sent your free sms please then come back to the TextMeFree listing and write a review. Your review helps other people that use TextMeFree.com to know whether a particular service is good, bad or indifferent.

This is what the "Add your own review" link looks like, the link is half-way down the review page:

Example sms site review

See, I told you it was simple.

Example free sms sites...

Okay, you want an example. Well, if you live in UK you could send free sms using CBFSMS. (And once you've seen how good CBFSMS's free sms is, you leave a review where it says "Add your own review"). Or, if you're looking for a worldwide free sms provider you might want to do the same with SMSCity.nl – hey, it's up to you! At TextMeFree.com it is anyway! :-)

You can find a full list of free sms sites here!

Don't make this common mistake!

Do not make the mistake that many visitors to TextMeFree.com make in thinking that TextMeFree.com itself lets you send free sms – it doesn't. TextMeFree.com simply lists as many free sms sites as possible (and if you know of any that are missing then do let us know!)

Sending free SMS – a summary

How do I send free SMS?

  1. Find a free sms site by searching at TextMeFree.com or by going through the listings
  2. Use the best site you can find (check the reviews and ratings) or find a worldwide sms site
  3. Come back to TextMeFree.com and leave a site review.

Last but not least, don't forget about sms etiquette. What does that mean? Well, don't spam people, don't send rude or offensive emails... to learn more, check out our article on text messaging manners.

Sending free sms is easy, if you do it via the text messaging sites listed on TextMeFree.com

If you still don't get it, then visit this how to use this site page.

Before you go, would you mind doing me a favour please? Please add this 'how to send free sms' page to your favourite social networking site – thanks. You can do that by simply clicking the bookmark button below. Really. :-)

Thank you, and come again!

Steve M Nash
Site owner of TextMeFree.com

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