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FAQs: Was My Free SMS Received?

How do I know if my free text message got there? Well, this page answers that frequently asked question, exactly: how do I know if my my sms text message was received?...

Once you've found a free sms site and used it you're left with a nagging doubt in your head: did my sms message get through? This is a good questions as, the thing is, you're using a free service that usually pays for itself by advertising, but it does mean that:

  1. These free sms services are not always reliable. Messages never get delivered, or they take a long time to get through (sometimes days)
  2. The sms text messaging site simply doesn't work (some of the free sms sites are, dare I say it, fake)

So what can you do?

(A) Well, the first thing you can do is to check what other TextMeFree visitors have said about the free service that you're using. (Maybe you should do that before you use it.) Read the reviews. If people are happy then chances are you'll be happy too, and your message will get to your friend, or whoever you sent it to, in no time.

(B) Another thing you can do, if possible, is send a test message to yourself first. Of course, this only works if you live in the same country as your friend.

(C) Lastly, you can simply contact your friend via email or instant messenger and ask them if they've received their text message.

You only need to check the first time you use a free sms website. Once you know a service works then there really is nothing to worry about, is there? Just assume all subsequent messages get through, I guess. (In this case, can you please be so kind as to leave a relevant review on the TextMeFree website. Others would like to know how good a sms site is! :-) )

Paid SMS services

Paid SMS services are usually cheaper than sending SMS directly from your mobile phone, and sometimes you really can only rely on paid-for sms services.

Bulk sms services like BulkSMS.com or TextAnywhere really are the only truly reliable way to get your sms text messages received, day in and day out. So if you want to send more than one sms, or want to communicate with more than one person at a time, then I suggest you investigate these bulk sms sites. Yes, you have to pay to use these sms services but, then, you get what you pay for don't you!

Free Mobile Messaging

Mobile messaging apps let you send free chat messages and they are very reliable. You do need a modern mobile that has either a wi-fi or internet connection – if you have that, read our reviews of the most popular mobile messaging apps.

The choice is yours ;-)
(And if you don't know I'm winking at you, there, then please do check out this sms abbreviations page.)

Thank you,

Steve M Nash
Site Owner of TextMeFree.com

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This has not answered my question...

If this has not answered your question then please visit our main FAQs page, before you use our contact form!. (DO check the answers first – thanks! :-) )

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