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Cheap Phone Calls

Make Cheap International Phone Calls


Localphone is our recommended cheap call service, because it's so cheap and so simple.

You can save money with Localphone when dialling from a mobile phone, when dialling from a landline phone and when sending SMS.

To use Localphone, visit their website and set up an account. Then register all the phones you will be using to call from.

After that you need to add your contacts. Localphone give you a local number for each one of your contacts, and when you call that number you will be charged Localphone's very cheap rates whether you call from a landline or mobile phone.

Store those numbers in your phone just like any other number. You don't need to go back to the Localphone website unless you need to add more credit or add or change your contacts.

On average calls cost about 1c per minute, and you can call international numbers or national numbers.

Sending cheap SMS with Localphone

By going to the Localphone website and logging in to your account, you can send cheap SMS to any of your contacts' mobile phones. SMS rates are cheaper than standard SMS rates from your mobile and you get a confirmation that the SMS has been delivered.

I use this service all the time, and I can't recommend it enough.

Open a Localphone Account – and start saving on your phone calls.

Prepaid phone cards

Are you looking for discount prepaid phone cards?

Using online prepaid cards is one of the easiest ways to make cheap phone calls these days. They can be used for cheap international phone calls, as well as cheap national calls and mobile calls too.

There are many providers of discount cards, but – as the voice says – I've listed one of the best providers, called Cloncom, and they sell worldwide cheap calling cards.

Cloncom sell international telephone cards, or you can buy phone cards for a specific country such as: Australian phone cards, USA phone cards and UK phone cards, for example. In fact, they offer phone calls for many countries and you can save up to 95% on phone calls using their cards.

They sell pre-paid phone calls which save you money by letting you dial an allocated number first which offers calls at a much cheaper rates than normal phone rates.

Use a phone card to dial from your mobile / cell phone*

Cloncom calling cards

Did you know that phone cards work with cellphones and mobile phones too*. Yes, many people using cellphones don't realise that they can make cheap international calls from their cellphone using a prepaid phone card.

What you get when you buy a Cloncom phone card

Using the Cloncom website you can select which country you are dialling from, and then the country where you want to call. You then get a choice of cards you can buy online.

All the phone cards for sale clearly state the call charge per minute, if there is a connection fee, if there is a maintenance fee and finally, what the minute rounding is.

Minute rounding is whether you are billed for every 3 minutes or every 1 minute of a call. For example if you make a call lasting for 1.5 minutes, some cards will charge you for 2 minutes (if they have 1 minute rounding) and some cards will charge you for 3 minutes (if they have 3 minute rounding).

For example, I can buy a phonecard for dialling from Spain to the UK. The card costs 15.77 euros, it comes with: 1,030 minutes of calls at 0.02 euros per minute (0.22 euros per minute to call a cell phone), there is no connection fee and no maintenance fee, the card is rechargeable, and it has a 1 minute rounding.

How to buy your phonecard

You can purchase your phonecards online directly from Cloncom's website.

  • All major credit and debit cards as well as Paypal payments are accepted
  • Select which currency you want to make your purchase with
  • A pin number is then sent to you by email
  • you are given the access numbers you need to dial before your calls

The cards can be used to dial from:

  • Normal landline phones
  • Mobile/cell phones
  • Payphones

What do you have to do?...

Cloncom cheap calling cards

Regards Steve Nash
Site Owner of TextMeFree.com

* Notes:

  1. Customers using their mobile phones in a roaming country may incur roaming charges. So it is best to check with your service provider first, before using a mobile when abroad.

  2. TextMeFree.com is not responsible for how this service operates (see disclaimer)

  3. If you want to save money on international phone calls check out Cloncom's cheap calling cards.


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