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SMS Marketing is ideal for businesses of all sizes, small or large. (Learn more about bulk SMS here .) Bulk SMS services are usually not free.

There are a growing number of SMS messaging services to meet the needs of these businesses, whether that company exists in the UK, or Germany or India or worldwide.

All can take advantage of mobile sms marketing, at just pennies, or cents, per message.

Below, you will find business-scale solutions like those offered by BulkSMS, Kapow, TxtLocal and TextAnywhere, as well as cheaper alternatives for those businesses not wishing to commit to too much expense, initially; e.g. Cardboard Fish.

All of the business sms services listed will be able to offer some of the following:

  • gateway sms, web sms, email to sms, sms apis, sms applications, sms gateway software, global sms, marketing por sms, pc text messages, "send text from outlook", internet sms, short code numbers, sms advertising, etc.

Recommended SMS Marketing for Businesses:

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS offer solutions for sending and receiving bulk sms worldwide, ideal for developers and businesses. Includes:

  • Desktop software
  • 700 global networks covered
  • SMS history and reports
  • Scheduling of messages


"Text messaging services for the business community" offers these typical end user applications:

  • TextOnline:
    send text messages to individuals and groups from your online account

  • TextEmail:
    download a plug-in for Outlook, to send SMS from Outlook and receive replies to your Inbox

  • TextAlert:
    convert email warnings from IT systems to text messages

  • TextCampaign:
    conduct personalised, high volume SMS campaigns

  • TextInbound:
    set-up your own dedicated SMS phone number and receive inbound messages to your email

  • Development toolkit:
    integrate automated text-messaging within your own applications

  • TextPremium:
    create and manage online your own premium content and reverse billing services

TextAnywhere - UK service, used by many recognised UK businesses - also allows users to send text messages from any email system, and receive replies back

Register for TextAnywhere here (free trial available)



Aimed at UK businesses, TxtLocal is about allowing businesses small or large to communicate effectively to their customers, local or otherwise. In this case that means using the bulk sms uk service that is TxtLocal

Sign-up here and test the service for free!



"Send SMS Worldwide for less than 5C." TextOver offers business-oriented sms marketing solution that allows SMPP Connections,
HTTP Connections, FTP Connections, SMS Software, Programmer SDKs


  1. To my knowledge the bulk SMS marketing services listed above provide business services that are not connected to the free sms services listed at TextMeFree.com. So using the free sms services listed at TextMeFree.com should not mean you get bombarded with sms marketing messages :-)

  2. None of the bulk sms services are operated by TextMeFree.com and therefore TextMeFree.com is not responsible for how these services operate.

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Did you know?

Bulk sms is like sending a text message to a 1,000 friends at once. Or, it's like sending someone a timely reminder (sms messages).





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