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My Favourite Free SMS Sites Are...

So what are the best free sms sites on TextMeFree.com ? And why? And which free sms sites do visitors to TextMeFree.com think are the best? Find out below...

1) SMScity (Worldwide)

This site now offers a worldwide text messaging service – it started as Netherlands only service. A very reliable free sms service, with a website that can be viewed in several languages. You are give one free sms daily, and if you want more you can earn free sms points by using the site. Texts always arrive and they're fast.

Find out about SMScity

2) 160by2 (India)

160by2 is a free text messaging site in India. You can send free SMS to India and Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabis, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. Register with this service to receive up to 50 free texts every day.

Find out more about 160by2

=> Your Favourite Free SMS Sites Are...

This is much easier. The best sites as voted for by visitors of TextMeFree.com are:

  1. Those sites that have the highest ratings, as rated by you
    - http://www.textmefree.com/ratings/

  2. Those sites that you think are cool
    - http://www.textmefree.com/cool/

  3. Those sites that have lots of good reviews. (That's why I ask site visitors to leave reviews - good or bad - as it helps everyone.)

    This is what the "Add your own review" link looks like half-way down the review page...

    Example sms site review

=> What Do You Think?

Do you agree with my (and the TextMeFree visitors') favourite free sms sites? Whether you do or you don't I would like to know what you think. You can let me know in one of two ways:

  1. Add a review

    Add your review of a free sms site listed at TextMeFree.com . It's quick and easy (no need to register at TextMeFree.com) and if I think your review is fair I will approve it. Thanks again.

  2. Send me feedback

    Just contact me tell me what you think about a particular free sms site. Thanks

Thank you,

Steve M Nash
Site Owner of TextMeFree.com

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